Success Story


Dominic Toselli (centre) with David McFadden (left) and Tom Corr (right) at Discovery 2014.

Oil and gas leaks can go undetected for years, creating a costly problem for both companies and the environment. But PetroPredict can help find them. The start-up’s software uses geological and historic production data from various sources to predict vulnerabilities in untested wells, helping decision-makers determine the risk/reward of expensive physical intervention.

PetroPredict earned co-founder Dominic Toselli, a recent University of Waterloo graduate, the top prize of $25,000 plus a suite of business services in OCE’s inaugural David McFadden Energy Entrepreneur Challenge. The start-up has already garnered significant interest from investors and is currently cash flow positive.

Return on Innovation

  • $25,000 award from OCE allowed the team to hire four co-op students
  • Software is in the pilot stage with an exploration and production company

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