Success Story

Revelo Electric

(From left) Revelo Electric Founder Henry Chong, with OCE Business Development Manager Martin Lord, Associate Vice-President of Research and Dean of Graduate Studies at OCAD University Helmut Reichenbacher, and VP of Business Development and Operations at Revelo Electric, Mary Chong (right), showcasing the company's newest LE-1 model e-bike.

Despite the popularity of battery-powered electric bikes doubling in North America in recent years, uptake in urban centres has been slow. Current e-bike models are heavy, unattractive, not portable enough and difficult to charge, store and maintain. Consumer awareness of e-bikes as a viable green transportation alternative to increasing costs of gas, parking and congestion is low.

Toronto-based start-up Revelo Electric is changing all that. The company has created the world’s lightest, design-savvy street legal e-bike, the LE-1, which is compact, chainless and ergonomic. The bike is powered by a lightweight removable lithium battery, folds easily and is virtually maintenance-free. It features a patent-pending dual-mode chainless front wheel pedaling mechanism that is unlike anything on the market. A single charge lasts 30 kilometres.

OCE initially supported Revelo Electric’s partnership with OCAD University through our Market Readiness program which helped the company create a prototype, perform engineering tests and develop marketing materials. A phase two Market Readiness followed, focusing on product development, user verification and establishing a supply chain. 

Revelo officially launched the LE-1 at OCE’s 2014 Discovery conference. Since then, the company has been selling their handmade e-bikes to customers across Canada and sourcing new manufacturing suppliers to become more cost competitive. Revelo is well positioned to sell in global markets, like China, where e-bikes occupy the majority of the world market. The company is also designing a new model e-bike with a complementary storage system and accessories line.

Return on Innovation

  • Currently employs two full-time, three part-time people
  • Projects hiring 20 in the next two years
  • OCE Investment: $143,000

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