Success Story

Set Scouter

Set Scouter's founder and CEO, Alex Kolodkin.

With Set Scouter, you can earn cash and have your kitchen featured in a TV commercial for some of the hottest brands. Set Scouter is a film location scouting marketplace that connects filmmakers looking for the perfect set with property owners looking to rent out their space for production.

Based out of the Digital Media Zone at Ryerson University, Set Scouter aims to make the location scouting process faster, easier and more affordable. Set Scouter’s founder and CEO Alex Kolodkin received a two-year OCE-CYBF Entrepreneurship Fellowship in 2014, which has helped the company validate product-market fit and develop its platform.

Return on Innovation

  • Helped Canadian pop-rock band Hedley secure the perfect location for their award-winning music video in under 48 hours, after their production company had searched for a week.
  • Set Scouter's locations have been featured in productions for RBC, Telus, Manchu Wok, Business News Network, Samsung and more.

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