Success Story

SunWash Technologies

(From left) SunWash Technologies founder and COO Patrick Therrien, with Professor of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering at Western University Dr. Paul Charpentier, and OCE Business Development Manager Alison Empey (seated) at SunWash Technologies' lab in the Stiller Centre for Technology Commercialization at Western University.

One in eight Canadians gets sick each year from eating food contaminated by pathogens like Salmonella, E. coli or Listeria. Maintaining a sanitary environment in food production facilities is paramount, especially on floors that are a constant source of cross-contamination. Current antimicrobial floor coatings only target specific bacteria, and can be toxic, expensive and eventually lose effectiveness.

London-based start-up SunWash Technologies, in partnership with Western University, has developed a self-cleaning floor coating that breaks down any organic or biological matter on the surface when exposed to light. The stronger the light, the more effective the cleaning process. While it doesn’t remove the need for cleaning completely, the coating is non-toxic, permanent and effective against all pathogens and chemical pollutants. This translates to cost, energy and human resource savings.
OCE first supported SunWash Technologies through the Market Readiness program to develop the product, initiate trials at a major Ontario vegetable producer and establish a contract manufacturing process. A Voucher for Innovation and Productivity (VIP) project to assess the effectiveness of the coating is currently underway. SunWash is hoping to participate in a second Market Readiness to craft a marketing and sales plan. 

SunWash is poised to launch their product into the marketplace this fall and begin negotiations with applicator companies for North American distribution. Once revenues are generated, they hope to bring manufacturing in-house and extend the use of their patented coating to health care, military and other industrial applications.

Return on Innovation

  • Currently employs four people, one full-time
  • Projects hiring up to 10 people in the next 3-5 years
  • OCE Investment: $145,000

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