Success Story

Trivium Industries

Trivium Industries' co-founder and President, David D'Angelo

Trivium Industries is tackling the environmental scourge of plastic packaging waste with its compostable bottles for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. The bottles are made from PLA, a corn-based material, and contents are protected by a patented barrier coating developed at Brock University by Trivium’s co-founder and President, David D’Angelo. With the same shelf-life and appearance as regular plastic containers, Trivium’s bottles biodegrade at commercial composting facilities in fewer than 180 days. 

D’Angelo received a two-year OCE-CYBF Entrepreneurship Fellowship in 2014 to help commercialize his technology, which helped Trivium begin full production of its PLA bottles in September 2014.

Return on Innovation

  • Trivium is the first manufacturer of PLA bottles in Canada
  • Company has established relationships with future customers and distributors
  • Currently has three full-time employees, with plans to hire two more

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