Success Story

Shaving off whiskers and dollars


Rockwell Razors' co-founders Morgan Nordstrom and Gareth Everard.

Helping men around the world get a perfect shave with an adjustable razor is this company’s mission. Rockwell Razors designs, manufactures, and retails innovative shaving products. In addition to the patent-pending adjustability of the Rockwell 6S, Rockwell Razors’ first product, the 6S uses inexpensive double-edge blades instead of cartridges, allowing customers to save hundreds of dollars every year on shaving. The Rockwell 6S was designed and prototyped in Ontario, and is made in the United States out of durable stainless steel.

Rockwell Razors chose new technologies like 3D printing and crowdfunding to quickly develop the Rockwell 6S. Rapid prototyping using 3D printing allowed co-founders Morgan Nordstrom and Gareth Everard to develop an innovative design for a razor, which requires very precise measurements to be a safe and effective tool. With crowdfunding, Morgan and Gareth sourced feedback, product improvement suggestions, and $150,000 in sales in one month before beginning the final manufacturing. This allowed for a very strong start for Rockwell Razors' brand awareness and retail appeal.

Rockwell Razors recently received co-working space in the Ryerson Digital Media Zone’s Fashion Zone. Co-founders Nordstrom and Everard are currently finishing up their senior year at Western University, which receives funding from Ontario's Campus-Linked Accelerators program, managed by Ontario Centres of Excellence. The two attended Cosmoprof in Bologna, Italy, in March, and met many international distributors that have shown interest in taking Rockwell products international.

This story was provided by Western University.