Success Story

The Yeast of it


Escarpment Yeast Laboratories' co-founders Angus Ross and Richard Preiss.

Craft brewers in Ontario find it challenging to obtain affordable and unique yeast.Escarpment Yeast Laboratories can produce yeast locally, and offer traditional and unique strains, enabling brewers to make existing products more affordably and develop new products. This allows them to save money and build their brand identity.

In addition to offering traditional yeasts easily available from other yeast companies, Escarpment Yeast is focused on isolating yeast strains from the wild and commercializing them for beer and cider production. The company, under the leadership of co-founders Angus Ross and Richard Preiss, is also working towards custom-designing yeast blends for specialty beer projects based on real data as opposed to "these might work together". 

They have been testing some of their new and exciting yeasts, including wild yeasts and custom blends, at several local breweries and with a cider producer. Wellington Brewery, for example, used one of their wild apple yeasts to make farmhouse ale "Apples 2 Oranges". Royal City Brewing also used this yeast to produce a brown ale called "Brewers Gone Wild", most of which is now aging in wine barrels with additional microbes to add complexity. Both beers have received favourable reviews online, inspiring Escarpment Yeast to continue collaborating with local brewers to bring new flavours to Ontario craft beer and cider. 

Escarpment Yeast Laboratories is part of University of Guelph's Centre for Business and Social Entrepreneurship (CBaSE), which receives funding from Ontario's On-Campus Entrepreneurship Activities (OCEA) program, managed by Ontario Centres of Excellence. 

This story was provided by University of Guelph.