Success Story

Small changes, lasting effects


CEO Jane Wang (top left) and the myHealthSphere team.

Nine to five is increasingly being seen as prime time to keep fitness top of mind.

With numerous studies warning against the dangers of stress and a sedentary lifestyle, organizations are devoting more and more resources towards encouraging employees to incorporate healthy behaviours as part of their workday routine. myHealthSphere’s workplace wellness tool Dooo aims to do just that, and proves that making small changes doesn’t have to be difficult – but can have lasting benefits for employees’ well-being and happiness at work.

Dooo is a customizable solution that allows employees to set up reminders to complete small tasks and challenges throughout the day such as drinking water, stretching, meditating, or eating a healthy snack. Dooo awards points for completed tasks that employees can redeem for rewards.

An effective and simple way for employees to proactively take control of their mental and physical well-being, Dooo is catching the attention of HR departments. Since securing its first customer in October 2014, myHealthSphere has generated $20,000 in revenue and now serves 10 firms across four different cities with 350 active paid users, and its platform is already achieving long-term habit-forming results. With 10 minutes a day, it has helped 83% of users to establish "success habits" as defined by their CEOs. Two company clients have even reported decreases in sick days.

OCE supported myHealthSphere through the SmartStart Seed Fund, which allowed the team to build its Minimum Viable Product and make its first sale, and will continue to work with the company to identify new project support.  

With exciting developments coming this spring for the Dooo platform, myHealthSphere will kick into high gear. Its mobile apps are available in the Apple and Google Play stores as of May 1st, and the team is currently working with Apple health kit and Google Fit to pull in passive activity data from mobile phones and wearables. The newest version of Dooo is set to launch in June, and the company plans to serve 10,000 active users before the end of 2015.