Success Story

Adding dimensions to 3D printing

Team members of Mosaic Manufacturing, from left, Mitch Debora, Derek Vogt, Danny Lloyd, Heather Evans and Chris Labelle, celebrate after taking the top prize in the Queen's Summer Innovation Initiative. Photo by Jim McLellan.

Access to 3D printers has expanded in recent years, but the range of objects they can create has remained the same.

Mosaic Manufacturing is on a quest to change that.

Many popular 3D printers run off of a single plastic filament. Because of this, the colour of the filament determines the colour of the object.

To overcome this limitation, Mosaic has developed The Palette, a device that’s compatible with a wide range of 3D printers currently on the market. The Palette takes in four filament inputs and combines them together into a single filament output. This enhances existing 3D printers by enabling them to produce objects with up to four colours and consisting of materials with different properties.

Mosaic was founded by Queen’s University graduates Mitch Debora, Chris Labelle, Derek Vogt and Heather Evans. The team was founded through a unique summer initiative hosted by Queen’s Innovation Connector (QIC), which forms Kingston’s Campus-Linked Accelerator with Launch Lab.

The company won the pitch competition at the QIC Summer Initiative, receiving a $40,000 reward. Mosaic went on to further develop its technology at Innovation Park at Queen’s University as part of the QIC Acceleration, an incubator supported by the Campus-Linked Accelerators program. The Campus-Linked Accelerators program is managed by Ontario Centres of Excellence.

Mosaic has enjoyed a great deal of success and garnered significant public attention in recent months. The company won a national pitch competition in March hosted by renowned tech investor Brad Feld and Ryerson University business professor Sean Wise. Winning the competition earned the company $25,000 from Ryerson Futures where Mr. Wise is a partner.

Mosaic’s Kickstarter campaign has also been very well received. It surpassed its goal of raising $75,000 in less than five hours. Mosaic aims to begin regular delivery of The Palette in January 2016.

This story was provided by Queen's University.