Success Story

Making Ontario a leader in intelligent transportation


By Anne Kershaw

Helping the province's transportation industry grow and succeed, this program encourages businesses and academic institutions to develop and commercialize innovations in connected and automated vehicle technologies. With government funds and matching funds from industry partners, close to $3 million has been invested in fifteen projects aimed at making Ontario roads smarter and safer while improving traffic flow. This includes:

  • better distribution of traffic data to travellers’ smartphones
  • installation of driver safety systems in commercial vehicles
  • safe driver notification systems
  • wearable alcohol sensor system
  • fleet management software,
  • the capture and analysis of data generated inside vehicles to improve passenger safety and minimize traffic delays
  • wireless technology for modifying speed limits to reflect road, weather and traffic conditions
  • warning systems from emergency vehicles played through a car’s sound systems or smartphone speakers
  • traffic lights that adapt to traffic flow through connected vehicle data
  • improved fuel efficiency through data related to road grade, roadway geometry and driving conditions 

Ontario Centres of Excellence partnered with the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) and the Ministry of Economic Development, Employment and Infrastructure (MEDEI) to support these collaborative research projects under OCE’s Connected Vehicle/Automated Vehicles program. The CVAV program has been renewed for 2015-16 and is currently accepting applications that address one or more of the following themes:

  • Human Factors - The Development of Products, Services, and Standards to reduce Driver Distraction
  • Communications Management
  • Data Management
  • Connected and Automated in-Vehicle Infrastructure or Technologies
  • Improving Traffic Management and Operations
  • Green Technology and Sustainability
Visit the CVAV program page for more details.