Success Story



Co-founder and CEO Jane Wang and the Optimity team.

Numerous studies warn against the dangers of stress and a sedentary lifestyle, which can negatively affect employee health and translate to higher costs for employers. Organizations are now devoting more and more resources towards encouraging employees to incorporate healthy behaviours into their workday routine, and Toronto-based Optimity’s suite of software can help.

Optimity (formerly myHealthSphere) offers customizable workplace wellness software solutions that help build powerful habits for professionals. Its flagship app Dooo reminds employees to complete small tasks throughout the day such as drinking water, stretching, meditating, or eating a healthy snack. The platform also awards points for completed tasks that employees can redeem for rewards.

Optimity got its start in MaRS Discovery District and is now a part of Ryerson University’s Digital Media Zone. An effective and simple way for employees to proactively take control of their mental and physical well-being, Dooo is catching the attention of HR departments. Since securing its first customer in October 2014, Optimity has generated over $70,000 in revenue and now serves 15 firms across four different cities with 650 active paid users. And its workplace wellness tool is already achieving long-term habit-forming results.

With 10 minutes a day, Dooo has helped over 50 per cent of users to establish “powerful habits” as defined by their CEOs. Three clients have even reported decreases in sick days for two straight quarters. Case studies are showing that employees feel more connected and energized at work. 

OCE initially supported Optimity through the SmartStart Seed Fund, which helped the team build its Minimum Viable Product and make its first sale. The start-up recently completed a Market Readiness Customer Creation project and is continuing to work with OCE.

Return on Innovation

  • Currently employs 8 full-time people
  • Projects hiring 40 employees in the next two years
  • OCE investment: $155,000

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