Success Story

Analytics 4 Life

Analytics 4 Life (A4L) developed an analytics platform that enables non-invasive, affordable screening and diagnosis of various diseases.

Heart disease is the second leading cause of death in Canada and an estimated 1.3 million Canadians are currently living with it. Early detection is crucial to decreasing death rates, but current diagnostic techniques can be invasive and costly.

Analytics 4 Life (A4L) has developed an analytics platform with the potential to disrupt the health-care space by enabling non-invasive, affordable screening and diagnosis of various diseases. The platform uses proprietary machine-learned algorithms to reveal previously hidden information about a patient’s health status from within their physiological signals. The first application of the platform will be cardiac conditions. The technology could replace expensive, cumbersome methodologies such as nuclear stress tests and x-ray based computed tomography. Its ease of use will enable diagnostic testing for cardiac diseases in a broader range of settings, including at home.

OCE first supported A4L in 2014 through a Medical Sciences Proof-of-Principle (MSc PoP) project with Queen’s University that explored predictive measures of cardiotoxicity. A TalentEdge Internship project helped the company develop a Quality Management System to ensure it meets compliance for Canadian and European markets.

In 2016, A4L became a primary tenant in IBM’s Innovation Space in Toronto, part of a partnership between OCE and IBM that offers an integrated suite of globally disruptive, advanced computing technology infrastructure and programming to Ontario SMEs. With support from a SOSCIP-OCE TalentEdge Fellowship, the start-up is further developing the machine learning platform that forms the basis of its cardiac-specific system.

A4L recently launched a two-stage, U.S.-based clinical study that is enrolling up to 2,500 subjects at as many as 25 sites. The first stage is designed to gain insight for its algorithms. The company plans on commercializing its system in the U.S. followed by Europe and Canada.

Return on Innovation

  • Raised $10 million in Series A financing
  • Currently has 16 full-time employees
  • OCE Investment: $134,899

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