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Peekapak is learning platform that brings character development and social-emotional learning to the classroom and home.

Early education curricula emphasize the cognitive skill development of subjects like language arts and math – to help students succeed in the 21st century world. But this fails to include an equally crucial aspect to a child’s development — character education.

Peekapak co-founders Ami Shah and Angie Chan wanted to address this gap in a fun and engaging way. Working with early education experts, teachers and parents, they created Peekapak, a learning platform that brings character development and social-emotional learning to the classroom and home. Through the characters of Peekaville, Peekapak teaches students from pre-Kindergarten to grade three the core character concepts of perseverance, self-regulation, respect, teamwork, gratitude, empathy, kindness, resilience, courage, and honesty. Each concept is covered in a monthly unit that consists of an original storybook and lesson plans filled with activities for school and at home.

OCE first supported Peekapak in 2015 through the Market Readiness Customer Creation (MRCC) Program, which helped the start-up pilot its platform in 20 schools across Canada and the U.S. and launch their freemium version in December. In 2016, Peekapak partnered with George Brown College’s School of Early Childhood on an OCE VIP I project that helped the company understand how children learn at home and design at-home learning activities for the program. An ongoing VIP project with George Brown’s School of Design will help Peekapak develop game-based technology to capture insights on how students are progressing with the platform in real time.

Peekapak currently has 20,000 users in 87 countries, including many in the Toronto, Peel and York school boards. The team is based out of Ryerson’s DMZ and is currently focusing on expanding to new districts across North America and evolving the platform.

Return on Innovation

  • Company closed $235,000 in angel investment since receiving funds from OCE’s Market Readiness Program
  • Currently employs five full-time team members and projects doubling its staff in 2017
  • OCE investment: $164,970

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