Success Story

Seeing the Path from Research to Consumer

Darian Blanchard joined Aterica as a TalentEdge intern. Now, he’s a full-time bio-molecular engineer.

When Darian Blanchard joined Aterica Health Inc. as a TalentEdge intern a year ago September, he was only 25 and straight out of grad school. Now he’s a full-time bio-molecular engineer at the forward-thinking digital health company “and can’t wait to see what happens next.” 

The internship proved to be a perfect fit for him given the company’s multidisciplinary and individual-focused approach. Exposed to many aspects of the tech industry, Darian “witnessed the process of bringing a product from the research stage to the consumer level.”

Last year, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) named Aterica’s Veta™ Smart Case & App for epinephrine auto-injectors such as EpiPen® an Innovation Awards Honoree. The Veta system’s smart case replaces the stock epinephrine auto-injector case and has a mobile app that shares life-saving information about the user’s location and automatically broadcasts an alert whenever the auto-injector is removed from the smart case - one of many functions that help individuals and families living with anaphylaxis.

Darian helped out with the Veta project. He was also brought onto the Aterica team for an exciting new project that would utilize his expertise in toxicology and chemistry. “Darian joined us near the end of the proof-of-concept stage,” says Aterica senior scientist Dr. Christopher Osuch. “With his help, we are now developing our prototype.” Darian quickly made his mark on the company. Since he came onboard, the R&D of the project has progressed faster and with a clearer focus, Osuch says. 

Darian is optimistic about the future. “In an innovative but small start-up, the potential for growth is really enormous!”

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