Success Story

Winterlight Labs: Using AI to detect cognitive conditions through speech

WinterLight Labs' innovative AI technology can diagnose and track cognitive and mental conditions

Based on their award-winning research at U of T, Liam Kaufman, Frank Rudzicz, Maria Yancheva and Katie Fraser founded WinterLight Labs in 2015 to commercialize an innovative AI technology that can diagnose and track cognitive and mental conditions. The platform analyzes 400 variables in a person’s speech and language – such as sound, pauses, repetition and word complexity – to detect different disorders and the degree of impairment. It is highly effective at detecting Alzheimer’s and offers significant advantages over subjective and time-consuming paper-and-pencil tests.

SmartStart funding in 2016-17 helped the team conduct pilot studies with Revera, a leading operator of retirement living and long-term services for seniors. WinterLight Labs is continuing to work with OCE through the Health Technologies Fund (HTF).