OCE partners with Ultra Deep Mining Network to drive innovation

November 11, 2014

Mining companies today face unprecedented challenges, including the need to go deeper to extract resources from existing mines. This requires the development of innovative new cross-sector technologies to excavate valuable minerals through ultra deep mining.

Ontario Centres of Excellence is offering an exciting industry-academic collaboration opportunity for Ontario colleges, in partnership with the Ultra Deep Mining Network (UDMN), through our Voucher for Industry Association R&D (VIA) program.

UDMN, established by the Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation (CEMI), is a leader in research and innovation related to resource extraction below 2.5 km. By supporting those able to create new tools and technologies for industry, UDMN will be helping ultra-deep mines operate more effectively and safely, generate more value, improve the human environment and enhance mine productivity.

 “Mining has been a critical industry for Ontario and its strong commitment to innovation will continue to play a vital role in our province’s economic prosperity”, says Dr. Tom Corr, OCE’s President and CEO. “We welcome this opportunity to help advance the commercialization of new technologies that ensure we remain a world leader in mining safety, environmental protection and productivity.”

Through this VIA program, college researchers will be partnered with companies on six existing industry-led projects in areas related to rock stress risk reduction, energy reduction, material transport and productivity, and improved human health. The skills and resources of the academic partner will be leveraged to address key challenges faced by the companies leading these projects. Collaborative projects will be reviewed and funded jointly by OCE and UDMN.

Academic researchers in Ontario who are interested in finding out more about this initiative are encouraged to contact their respective research offices or the OCE contacts listed below. The projects cover multiple sectors (e.g., advanced manufacturing including electrical, mechanical and other relevant trades, and energy and environment) and include technologies such as 3D printing, textile design, hydraulics and ergonomics.

OCE’s Voucher for Industry Association R&D Challenge (VIA) is one of four types of vouchers available under the province’s Collaboration Voucher Program. It is designed to connect industry associations or groups of companies to address sector-wide research and development challenges. The partnerships support start-ups, SMEs and large companies through projects with Ontario’s publicly funded academic research institutions. The aim is commercialization of new technologies that will have significant economic impact for Ontario and the participating program partners.

For program inquiries please contact:

Bettina Klenkler
Program Manager
(416) 861 1092 x3228

Richard Worsfold
Director, Business Development
(416) 861 1092 x3252

Heather MacRae
Program Coordinator
(416) 861 1092 x4279