2013 Competition Finalists

EP Organics

LEAD: Emily Peat
LEAD INSTITUTION: University of Waterloo

EcoPlace Organics supports local certified organic farms by improving local food distribution networks. The business was created by 21-year-old Emily Peat from London, Ontario, a 4th year civil engineering student at the University of Waterloo. EcoPlace Organics is building a grocery store on wheels to sell local organic foods to a niche market of young families.


LEAD: Zacharie Weingarten
LEAD INSTITUTION: Ryerson University
TEAM: Damian Matheson, Lee Robertson

FoodStory brings local food producers and local food evangelists together to build a better food system. We’re creating an online farmer’s market where food is celebrated. We leverage the social power of the web to enable our partners to better connect with local food culture and reap its many benefits.


  Ryan Doherty
LEAD INSTITUTION: University of Toronto
TEAM:  Audrey Kuo, Sherry Lynn-Lee

iamsick.ca is a web/mobile online service that aims to improve the patient experience and incentivize healthcare efficiency by helping people find the nearest open healthcare provider and the estimated wait-times at each location. This allows for better planning of visits.

Just Access

LEAD: Hamoon Ekhtiari
LEAD INSTITUTION: University of Waterloo
TEAM: Sam Saad, Aaron Levenstadt, Chris Barry

JustAccess is a crowdfunding website to the justice system. We are looking to increase access to justice while offering new opportunities for civic engagement and social empowerment by facilitating crowdfunding to legal cases. All people should have equal access to justice -- JustAccess enables you to help make this a reality.


LEAD: Jonathan Koff
LEAD INSTITUTION: University of Waterloo
TEAM: Nicolas Koff, Marisa Bernstein, Tyler Freedman, Ghazal Badiozamani

Projexity is an online platform that aims to democratize urban change by enabling individuals and organizations to gather funding, expertise, design work and approvals for innovative urban projects. Together, we can make our cities better places.

Pueblo Science

LEAD: Alon Eisenstein
LEAD INSTITUTION: University of Toronto
TEAM: Calvin Cheng, Nari Kim, Neta Raz

Pueblo Science aims to provide school-aged children in Toronto with high-quality, hands-on science and leadership extracurricular learning activities, such as after-school clubs and camps, provided to all children regardless of their parents’ financial capabilities.

Skyline Farms

LEAD: Jake Harding
TEAM: Gustavo Macias

Skyline Farms is a portable, scalable urban farming model that produces, distributes and donates all within the borders of a given community. Skyline uses hydroponics to grow fresh, nutritious produce on under-utilized urban rooftops. By using no fuel consumption or refrigeration to transport our crops, it is our mission to re-define the phrase 'locally grown'.

Treata Smart Caregiver

LEAD: Ashkan Sattari
LEAD INSTITUTION: McMaster University
TEAM: Neda Abedi Sohrofrouzani, Meharn Najafi, Ali Shariat, Reza Pournaghi

Treata Smart Caregiver is going to address the significant needs for individuals with memory problems and their caregivers. It helps the caregiver to provide 24-hour care for their loved ones while providing them with peace of mind.

Twenty One Toys

LEAD: Shelley Vaisberg
LEAD INSTITUTION: University of Toronto
TEAM: Ilana Ben-Ari, Gonzalo Riva

Twenty One Toys creates toys and workshops that bring 21st-century skills and thinking into the classroom, the boardroom and wherever else change needs a hand. We are creating a new category of toys that teach such skills as creativity, collaborative learning, innovation and problem solving. We also develop and deliver workshops to immerse groups in the lessons of our toys.

Waterloo Banking Project

LEAD: Helena Hua Cao
LEAD INSTITUTION: University of Waterloo / Wilfrid Laurier University
TEAM:  Ryan Chen-Wing, Sally Lee, Vinson Fong, Jerry Liu

The Waterloo Banking Project is creating the first student-focused financial services in Canada to help university students graduate with more money, less debt and better financial skills. With support from universities and institutional partners, our trained student staff will provide retail banking services, budget planning and financial education.